Sound Stage

There is nothing like it in the Mid-South. It truly is a sound stage. You can get on it with half a dozen cars or a complete appliance store. We bring in almost any video van and park it in our bay. And we can light anything. Then we can shoot it from anywhere - hand held to a crane. If you want to get on a stage, get on a real one.

Our 4,000 square foot sound stage rental includes:

  • 120ft hard cyc wall 16 ft tall lighting grid at 24ft
  • 2 overhead soft boxes (6000watts/each) on sliding rails
  • 3 shooting balconies
  • 10 ft overhead door access
  • Green room
  • 2 dressing rooms
  • 600 amp of power
  • Power lift
  • Scene shop
  • 32 overhead 20amp circuits to dimmer system
  • 1,500 square foot workshop
  • 35 tons of air conditioning

Click here to take a 360 degree virtual studio tour!

The award winning film "Hustle & Flow" was also shot here.


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Green Room

Studio in use

Dressing Room

Haymaker Productions

University of Memphis

Studio Cars